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Larry Pickett Memorial STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP The purpose of the Atlanta Hockey Foundation Larry Pickett Memorial Student Scholarship is to financially assist qualified candidates who are pursuing a degree from an accredited higher educational institution. Each school year, a total of up to three (3) scholarships are available to be awarded. The $2,000 scholarships consist of a $1,000 scholarship payment per semester (with proof of continued enrollment provided to the Secretary of the Atlanta Hockey Foundation before the second payment is made each year). The awarding of the scholarships will be valid for one year. Recipient may reapply for subsequent consideration. The award will be as follows:
Scholarships will be awarded to a student who is a child of a current or former member of the Atlanta Amateur Hockey League (AAHL) or a member themselves. The scholarship will be awarded to a qualified applicant selected by the Atlanta Hockey Foundation Larry Pickett Memorial Scholarship selection committee who is interested in pursuing any area of study at the college or university level. The scholarship funds will be disbursed for tuition, books and other approved specific needs. The disbursement will be made directly to the Institution to where the student is enrolled.
AAHL Foundation, Inc, an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) organization, will administer the scholarship funds.
The documents below are valid for the 2019 Application Period.
Deadline for Application is March 16th, 2020
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